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Laughing About Tombstones: Living in Focus

Last week, at one of our workshops, we were asked to take a minute to think about and write down our epitaph. We were told that we could include the year we wanted to die (why not?) and were reminded … Continue reading

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Why You Should Know About Hospice

  When hospice nurses were asked, what hospice is to them, they wrote the following: – Hospice is Being There – Hospice is Wishes Respected – Hospice is Having a choice to be home – Hospice is Telling the truth, … Continue reading

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Admit It … You Deserve a Funeral

If you’re like me you’ve heard many of the older people in your family say things like, “Don’t fuss over me when I die,” or, “When I’m dead just throw me in a ditch.” We accept their statements as expressions … Continue reading

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What Helps When You’re on the Front Line? | A Cancer Journey

  This is Part III of my story, to read Part I, or Part II, click here. { my husband Lou was diagnosed with cancer and given months to live. this is what happened to both of us as his … Continue reading

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If Humans Had Expiration Dates, Would We Live Differently?

If you knew the exact day that you were going to die, how would you deal with that information? I think about dying everyday, it is one of the blessings and curses of my chosen profession. Being a funeral director … Continue reading

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“So, Who Was the Funeral For?” | Creating Sacred Moments

  I recently attended a service where the officiant said, “funerals aren’t for the person who died, they are for the living.” I initially disliked this idea, feeling that it sounded vastly self-serving at a time that was set-aside for … Continue reading

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“Princess Butterfly”: How to Explain Death & Dying to Small Children

Explaining death & dying to small children. I used to feel like the word “dead” hung awkwardly in the air whenever I said it in the presence of my daughter, Zoey.  In time, I realized there was no getting around … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving: Rejection Sparks Reflection

Thanksgiving: Rejection Sparks Reflection   Normally a time filled with the noise and laughter of a house filled with family and friends.  A time of me bustling in a kitchen with rich spicy smells from all the preparations.  But maybe … Continue reading

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Journey Mercies . . . Leaving Home

Journey Mercies . . . Leaving Home The thought of leaving home wasn’t something I wanted to think about, nor was it something I figured I would ever have to do.  I was 60 years old and had lived in … Continue reading

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When There May Not be Tomorrow: 3 Reasons to Ask the Tough Questions

When There May Not be Tomorrow: 3 Reasons to Ask the Tough Questions At the age of forty-four, I am in the unique position of still having a living grandparent.  My father’s mother is nearly ninety-eight years old and aside … Continue reading

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