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Why You Should Know About Hospice

  When hospice nurses were asked, what hospice is to them, they wrote the following: – Hospice is Being There – Hospice is Wishes Respected – Hospice is Having a choice to be home – Hospice is Telling the truth, … Continue reading

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An Interview with a Cancer Patient: Kori and Breast Cancer

  I’ve known Kori for a LONG time. Her story is one that can only be described as miraculous on steroids. For a long time Kori’s story was drug addiction, alcoholism, theft, and prison. Change began happening in her and … Continue reading

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A Cancer Journey: Lou Goes Home

This is the final installation of our Head of Accounting’s story as she watched her husband’s life come to an end almost a year ago today. To read all of her story, click here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. … Continue reading

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What Helps When You’re on the Front Line? | A Cancer Journey

  This is Part III of my story, to read Part I, or Part II, click here. { my husband Lou was diagnosed with cancer and given months to live. this is what happened to both of us as his … Continue reading

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Not an Earthquake After All, Just a Nightmare: A Cancer Journey

This is Part II of my story. To read Part I, click here.   Lou, my husband, not only had an inoperable tumor on his lung, he also had a brain tumor that had metastasized to the cerebellum.  It was … Continue reading

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It Started with An Earthquake: A Cancer Journey

  I t    S t a r t e d   w i t h    A n   E a r t h q u a k e   Thursday, January 3, 2013, 5 am. I am awakened out … Continue reading

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“This is How We Die”: A Morning with a Hospice Nurse

On Tuesday morning all I knew was that I was setting up an O’Connor table at the Heartland Hospice event that we were co-hosting. I got the table cloth & brochures all set out, greeted the attendees, and sat down … Continue reading

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Blindsided: a Book You Should Read

Blindsided a book you should read. A few months ago I received an email from a gal named Arlene Blix. I didn’t know her, she didn’t know me. She told me she had written a book chronicling her husband’s battle … Continue reading

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