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Hi there! I'm Carrie and I am a licensed embalmer, crematory manager & funeral director at O'Connor Mortuary. I am so blessed to have found my calling in life & am grateful to practice it at an amazing place like O'Connor. I began as a part time service director in 2004 while I was finishing mortuary school then served my embalming apprenticeship & worked my way up from there. I'm experienced in all areas of the funeral profession & love every aspect of it. I live in Huntington Beach where I enjoy riding my bike or skateboard on the boardwalk, spending quality time with friends or relaxing at home with my pets. Thank you so much for reading my blogs, I'd love to have you comment as well!

Life Donation – Your Questions Answered

  April marks Organ & Tissue Donation Awareness Month and I would venture to guess that most of us are pretty unaware of this life saving act. I’m hopeful that by the time you finish reading this, you will know … Continue reading

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Out with the Old, In with the New: Changing by Choice

We’ve all heard the saying “Out with the old, in with the new.”  It’s quite simple to understand and easier to say, but like most advice we give to one another, this is a very difficult thing to actually DO.  … Continue reading

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“Their house is gone”: Lessons in Facing Tragedy

I’ll never forget hearing that phrase, “Their house is gone.” I had been watching news coverage of the Silver Fire in Banning, CA all day long, vigilant because of dear friends living in that area.  With my calls going straight … Continue reading

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Diversity in Death: Lessons Learned from A Giant, 2 Families, and a Hare Krishna

Diversity is a constant in life. It teaches us how to be flexible under stress, to appreciate ourselves and each other. Diversity tells us that it’s OK to be curious and ask questions, to live and let live. Diversity isn’t … Continue reading

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A Conversation with Your Neighborhood Mortician

Talking to Your Neighborhood Mortician How many people actually know a mortician?  Not many.  How many people feel comfortable asking questions about death & how we go about our business of caring for those who have died? Very few. However, … Continue reading

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A White Christmas in Finland

Christmas in Finland Bing Crosby sings “I’m dreaming of a White Christmas . . . Just like the ones I used to know.”  I love that I can say, “yes” I’ve had a white Christmas of my own.  Have you … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving: When You’re Away from Home or All Alone

Thanksgiving: When You’re Away from Home or All Alone My earliest memories of Thanksgiving include preschool art projects of making dough ball turkeys to decorate the dinner table & tracing my hand on paper to make the 4 finger feathers … Continue reading

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Halloween Past & Present: From the 70’s to Today

Halloween Past & Present- by Carrie Bayer It’s the time of year where the ghosts & goblins come out. Pumpkins, black cats, styrofoam tomb stones & cottony spider webs adorn the neighborhood in anticipation of trick-or-treating. I love this time … Continue reading

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Help! How Do YOU Answer the Call?

Help!  How Do YOU Answer the Call? Help.  We all need it at times for a million different reasons.  It can be as simple as someone opening the door for you when you have an armload of groceries or as … Continue reading

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The Juice of Life is – Juice! 4 Reasons To Juice

The Juice of Life is – Juice! 4 Reasons To Juice Last December, I was sick as a dog for over a month- the worst cold/flu I have ever had in my life.  Cough, congestion, headache, fever, chills & chest … Continue reading

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