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“How Do You Handle Working at a Mortuary?” | A Labor Day Special

I often wondered what Labor Day was as a kid, what did I care, I got time off from school was my thinking. As I got older I began to understand the reasoning behind the three-day weekend. Other then the … Continue reading

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If Humans Had Expiration Dates, Would We Live Differently?

If you knew the exact day that you were going to die, how would you deal with that information? I think about dying everyday, it is one of the blessings and curses of my chosen profession. Being a funeral director … Continue reading

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“So, Who Was the Funeral For?” | Creating Sacred Moments

  I recently attended a service where the officiant said, “funerals aren’t for the person who died, they are for the living.” I initially disliked this idea, feeling that it sounded vastly self-serving at a time that was set-aside for … Continue reading

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Finding Comfort in Words, Not Possessions

I have been in spring-cleaning mode all the way through summer. After my mom died four years ago, our family kept our house like a museum. I don’t mean that things were neatly organized and everything was nicely displayed. I … Continue reading

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