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Are You Number One?

Are you Number One? Where do you fall on your list of priorities? We all have busy lives, when we get up in the morning the clock starts ticking and the race is on! We are stretched in so many … Continue reading

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When There May Not be Tomorrow: 3 Reasons to Ask the Tough Questions

When There May Not be Tomorrow: 3 Reasons to Ask the Tough Questions At the age of forty-four, I am in the unique position of still having a living grandparent.  My father’s mother is nearly ninety-eight years old and aside … Continue reading

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Journey Mercies . . .

Journey Mercies . . . Have you ever prayed for someone who was going on a long trip?  Maybe one that would take them to a place they have never been or one that could put them in harms way? Did … Continue reading

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Are You “All” There?

Are You “All” There? If not, where are you?   I stumbled upon this quote a few months ago as I mindlessly perused hundreds of images on Pinterest. This one stuck out. I love quotes & I often find the … Continue reading

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Serving Others with our Time, Talents, and Treasures

Talents, Time, and Treasures The Three Wise Men of Service Long ago in 2004, our firm’s CEO, Neil O’Connor, approached me about becoming a part of a service organization called “Rotary International.”  I, like many, have been greeted by the … Continue reading

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Bullying: It’s not just for kids anymore . . .

We’ve all seen the headlines- Child Bullied Into Suicide, Student Expelled For Bullying and Parent Arrested For Bullied Child.  But kids aren’t the only ones who are participating in bullying.  Adults bully each other at work, their kids’ sporting events, … Continue reading

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Prayer: An Untapped Power Tool for Successful Living

Let me tell you about my Uncle Fred and one of the ways he influenced my life.  Uncle Fred lived with us when I was very young. I loved to watch Uncle Fred come through the doorway for any reason. … Continue reading

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Welcome to the New O’Connor Blog!

Welcome Everyone to the New & Improved O’Connor Blog! While this blog has been around for a while we’ve decided it’s time to change it up & we’re so happy you’re joining us! We have developed a team that will … Continue reading

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