Our New Website is Live!

What makes this site more than meets the eye? It’s a resource for all things related to the healing experiences of funerals and memorial services. Yes, you read that right: healing experiences. You see, experience has taught us that families benefit from coming together to celebrate the life, and honor the memory, of their loved one.

We’re really pleased to offer this innovative way to honor those who remain in our hearts. While the service information and obituary is immediately visible, we’re really excited to highlight the interactivity of these sites –which is nothing short of phenomenal: anyone can upload images, videos, or audio files –no computer skills required! A Family Tree gives you a place to record genealogical facts (so often lost through time) – and there’s even a Family Map feature which shows you where all family members noted in the Family Tree reside.

Even after the funeral or memorial service, our Memorial Websites make sharing memories easier than ever. We’ve invited you to explore the site, and now we hope you take the time to see the power of innovation in our Memorial Websites. There’s nothing like them on the Web!

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