Winner Noted in Capistrano Dispatch

Steve Concialdi, a former winner of the Heart & Soul Award, was mentioned in a recent article in the Capistrano Dispatch. He is the founder of Friends Against Drunk Driving, and a paramedic Captain with the Orange County Fire Authority.  Steve shared his feelings with the writers, “I was hired at the fire department at a young age, and I saw a lot of my friends going to parties, drinking and driving. I would also go to work and see the affects of horrific
traffic accidents involving people driving under the influence of alcohol, I felt compelled
to educate people about this issue.”

He hopes the event will change lives in both the immediate sense, and over the long term. “We’re hoping that the images stick with them forever, but at the very least it will get them through the next weekend, the next month, their graduation, or prom night. Our hope is to make young adults think twice before drinking and getting behind the wheel.”

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